AR Reading Program

AR Reading Program

This Reading Program is for Grades 2-4.  It is Mandatory for each student to Participate in this Reading Program, as it is used for part of their Language Arts mark.

Each Student takes a Star Reading Test which determines what book level that child starts in.  This book level is Nota grade level.  After reading the book in their level the student will take a test on the computer. This test is a Multiple-Choice Test on comprehension, and sometimes the book will have a Vocabulary test to do, to see if they understand the words that are in the book. When they pass the test they will receive points. Each book is given points, Smaller books are ½ point and Chapter books are 1 point and higher.  The points are inside the front page of the book. The program sets these points and book levels.

Depending what the percent they get on the book will indicate how many points they will receive for that book, for example a 1 points book, if the student gets 100% they will receive 1 point for  that book, if they get 80% they will receive .8 for that book. Each time a student passes a test they will get slips of paper to fill out 100% they get 2 slips, 90% -60% they get 1 slip. This is for a prize that week. Each child has to do 1 chapter book or two small books each week. If Child does a chapter book for 1 week then the next week   he/she must do 2 small books.

There are 42 Certification Levels (Reading Levels).       

Ready Reader 5 Points
Independent Reader 10 Points
Rising Reader 1 to 10 10 points for each level
Super Reader 1 to 10 10 Points for each level
Advanced reader 1 to 10 10 points for each level
Star Reader 1 to 10 10 points for each level
Classic Reader   1 to 10 10 Points for each level
Honor Reader 10 points

Once they have passed their Certification Level (Reading Level) they will receive a Dog Tag with that reading level on it, and receive a prize. There is two semesters, Sept to Dec. and Jan. to May. Each time they get a dog Tag their name go into a draw for a bigger prize for that semester.

Taking Quizzes

The Computer Lab is open for children to take a test with their teacher’s permission every day at 9:00 to 9:30 and 2:30 to 3:00. This is where I need Parent Volunteers to help with the children. Each week the children must pass 1 chapter or 2 small books. If they do not get their books or book done for that week they will be on the AR List. This means they will have to stay in at the lunch recess until they have finished last weeks’ book(s) as well as the current weeks’ book(s).   If a child is sick more than three days that week they do not need to do a book for that week. If a child is on a chapter book and is not done by Friday they can ask me for an extension until Monday, but then they still need another for that new week. Chapter books start at 2.1 Book level. When they start doing chapter books they will have to do one chapter book one week and then they will have 2 smaller books for the next week. Book Level 5.0 and up have books that are worth 10-25 points for these books , if a student take out a real thick book worth 10 points and higher, they will have a longer time to read that  books.

If you have any questions please come and talk to me.
Mrs. Wong