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Inside School Days

 (Rainy or Below -20°C)

With wet and colder weather ahead we may soon have some “inside days” coming our way.  Our morning teacher supervision begins at 8:40 am - please do not leave your child alone outside before this time. Supervisors will be located at the three entry doors listed below to let students in the school at 8:40 am.  Classroom doors will also be open for students to prevent mixed cohorts in the hallways.  

Entry #1 (Front South) Classes: ELP, KJ, KF, 1Z, 1B, 2D

Entry #2 (Front Middle) Classes: 1F, 2B, 2N, 3B, 3K, 3P

Entry #3 (Front North) Classes: 4V, 4S, 5B, 5F, 5KD

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