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Student Belonging Pickup


Pick up of student materials will be available this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (March 18-20) from 7:00 am until  5:00 pm each day. The front doors will be locked and monitored to allow no more than 20 parents at a time into the school. All student materials are located on classroom tables in the school gymnasium. Please be patient as there may be minimal waiting time outside of the school as we assist parents inside with their child(s) school items. Anyone with symptoms of influenza will not be allowed to enter the school - please stay home and get well.

  • Front doors will be locked and monitored by staff
  • Your patience is needed in case of waiting lines outside of the school in order to support CMO social distancing requirements.
  • Parents must email or contact the school office if you are designating another parent/adult to pick up student materials
  • Staff at the front door and inside of the gym will be in communication to confirm the number of parents entering and exiting the school (no more than 20 adults at a time)
  • Students with medication stored at the school can be picked up from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Parents will enter the front doors into the school gym and exit the side gym door
  • AR and LIBRARY books are to be returned to school - bin available in the gym
  • Mail slot near front school doors is available for evening book drop-off
  • Tables are labelled by homeroom classes
  • Student materials are already gathered in bags and labelled (report cards attached)
  • Artwork, inside runners, and other classwork placed near homeroom tables
  • Please contact the office 403-527-1177 or email admin for any questions
    • or
  • Further information concerning student programming and instruction will be communicated when available.

Principal Message: Though this time of pandemic may be filled with confusion and anxiousness we would like to take the time to say “thank you” to all of our support staff, custodians, secretaries, teachers, parent council, central office administration and school board trustees for your amazing efforts and time towards keeping all of us informed and supported along this journey of uncertainty. Until we meet again, we truly miss our students and parents and look forward to all of us returning back to school. May God bless all of you!

Dwayne Unreiner
Principal of St. Patrick’s School


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