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School Re-Entry Plan (Scenario 1)

On behalf of St. Patrick’s staff, a warm welcome back to all students, staff, and parents to the 2020-2021 school year. We have missed all of you so much! I must share that the highlight of my summer was spending quality time with family and friends. In a time of social bubbles (cohorts) I was able to play, snuggle, learn, and laugh with others on a deeper level of appreciation and gratitude.

Over the past few weeks our amazing team of support staff, teachers, and school admin have carefully planned a safe and comfortable return to school for your child. No doubt, many of us may have mixed feelings of fear, anxiousness, and excitement as we return to school. The same feelings I get from riding a roller coaster and for some reason I always want to get back on for another ride. We encourage parents to review our School Re-Entry plan for greater details of procedures and practices that support a safe and caring learning environment for your child's best success (physically, socially, emotionally and academics).

Our School Re-Entry plan will continue to be updated based on the orders from the Chief Medical Officer for Health, recommendations from Alberta Education, and the discovery of new evidence. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation and please contact the office if you have questions or concerns. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. God bless!

School Re-Entry Top 10 Things to Know

St. Patrick's School Re-Entry Plan August 21, 2020

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