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Moose near playground

Dear Parents & Guardians of Students at St. Patrick’s School,

A moose has been on school property for the last two days and as a result, St. Patrick’s School has initiated a Shelter in Place.

A Shelter in Place is a protocol initiated when there is an environmental circumstance including wildlife on school property. During a Shelter in Place, students remain indoors, automatic doors are disabled and in this case, Fish and Wildlife was been contacted.

In this circumstance, notices were posted to social media and a School Messenger notification was sent by text message to Parents & Guardians who have subscribed to the School Messenger service.

Note: If you didn’t receive an emergency notification through School Messenger-Text Messaging Service in the last two days, we encourage you to please subscribe to receive emergency notifications from your child’s school by texting Y or Yes to 724665.

As this seems to be an ongoing situation, there will be increased supervision observed throughout the day, school staff will monitor the moose’s location daily and implement a Shelter in Place when the moose is nearby.

Please remember to respect wildlife and not approach them. Children walking to and from school should observe extreme caution.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours truly,

Mr. Joe Colistro

Superintendent of Schools
Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education

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