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Halloween Message

ALL DAY: We encourage a "comfortable costume" that can be worn all day in a chair or desk (ie: a blown up costume will be a challenge for desk and group work)

TRICK OR TREAT: This year is more tricky than previous years.  For safety reasons, please do not send goodie bags or snacks with your child to share with the class.  Instead, students may bring personal snacks for the afternoon activities in their homerooms. 

COSTUMES AND ACTIVITIES: To help all of our younger students feel safe (ages 3 and up) please refrain from scary masks and fake blood.  As well, all handheld accessories should stay at home; swords, canes etc. 

COSTUME PARADE: All grades will parade seperately through the gym in the morning.  This will be video recorded by Mr. Unreiner and shared on our school website and Facebook for students and parents to view. 

SAFETY: We wish all students a very safe "trick or treat" evening.  Be safe and have fun...BOOgy your night away with parental supervision.  It is recommended that collected treats stay quarantined for 72 hours. 


Halloween Joke:  Q: Why don't mummies take time off?  A: They're affraid to unwind. 


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